The house

The house Indiano Baita, as its name shows, was built by a Basque man; an “indiano” (indiano: person returned from the United States after making a fortune). The house is dated in 1824 (this date could be the year of the beginning or the end of the construction). The house is located on the market place of Urdax, facing the ancient monastery and right against the bief which feeds the mill.
This “indiano”, whose name was really Señor Juan Bautista Etxenike Goienetxe died in 1825 and his burial place is in the ancient monastery cloister. Visitors can find his grave at the opposite wing of the entrance.
It is a noble house, with a very outstanding indiano style (square house on three levels, stone cuts on the angles, ………..and picture windows, wrought iron …………..with copper finish.
The house is classified by the Navarre’s government “…………….building” with a grade of 6/10 and “………. Building” with a grade of 9/10.

From the beginning of the XXth century, our family was dedicated to the transport of goods from Urdax to Pamplona and back, bringing back merchandises to our valley. The transport was carried out using a plough pulled by mules and the time estimated to make the trip (around 80 km) was….one week!!! ‘of course times have changed since)
Because of this, residents of the valley named the house “Casa Carratero” (Carter’s house), this name has lasted through times up until now.
From halfway through the XXth century, the owners of the house started to work in the hospitality industry welcoming visitors from the valley and offering meals to its residents.
This activity so settled in the family, still continues and we do our best to offer our guests the most pleasant stay, as we always have.