General conditions

  • Validity: the rental of the apartment takes effect at the reception of the present agreement accepted and signed by the tenant with the deposit cheque (1). In the case where the agreement has been returned without the cheque, the contract will have no value and the rental will not be booked. The payment of the balance of the rent will be given at the entrance of the premises.
  • Duration: The agreement is only valid for the announced period and cannot be extended. The tenant will be able to enter the apartment from 18h00 on the first day of the rental and leave it the last day at 12h00 at the latest.
  • Guaranty: On arrival of the tenant, besides the rental amount, a guaranty can be asked by INDIANO BAITA. Its amount can be equivalent to the price of one week’s rent during peak season. It will be paid back the day of departure, deducted of any eventual damages and cost of renovation
  • Paying back of eventual damages: Any broken or missing item during the period of stay will have to be entirely paid for by the tenant, even if the amount of damage exceeds the amount deposited as guaranty.
  • Delivery conditions: INDIANO BAITA S.I. engages itself in delivering an apartment clean, fully equipped (water, electricity, sheets, towels, cleaning products and equipment)

Equally, the tenant will have to return, at the end of his stay,  the apartment clean, tidy and in good working order.

  • State of the apartment: Two states of the apartment and its equipment will take place (on arrival and departure of the tenants). It also applies to the common parts
  • Behaviour: Tenants engage themselves to remain polite and respectful towards other tenants and towards people in general. Tenants will avoid causing trouble and nuisance to the other tenants staying in other apartments.
  • Number of tenants: If the number of tenants exceeds the general capacity indicated on the agreement, INDIANO BAITA reserves itself the right to reject the extra tenants or to break the contract.
  • Animals: Animals are not allowed inside the premises (apartments and common areas), eventually they could be kept inside our garage (previous request).
  • Cancellation conditions: Any cancellation has to be notified to us by registered mail.

The down payment is taken by INDIANO BAITA if the furnished rental has not been rented for the same period at the same price.

The down payment will be paid back if the rental has been rented again for the same period and at the same price.


In the case where the present conditions would not be respected, INDIANO BAITA S.I. , reserves itself the right to break the agreement without the tenant being able to claim any indemnity, total or partial paying back of the amount of the rent.